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Cum alegi cel mai bun mouse wireless

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Cum alegi cel mai bun mouse wireless

Whenit comes to IT accessories,the mouse is indispensable. It is one of the products that provides control over the computer and can prove effective both in gaming and in office activities.


If in the past the mice were small tools connected to the computer by means of a wire, today they are wireless and although they are just as small, they incorporate a lot of interesting technologies.

cum alegi un mouse


How do you choose the best wireless mouse?


There are several criteria to keep in mind when purchasing such a product and you may find that although all mice do, in principle, the same things, the technologies they incorporate and the functions they can perform are very varied.


The list of essential criteria includes the following:

  • Wireless technology used. You can choose a wireless RF mouse (with radio frequency) that works in pairs with a USB device or you can opt for a bluetooth mouse. In general, bluetooth variants are slightly more expensive, but offer the flexibility to connect to multiple devices at the same time. The most popular are RF variants, because they are cheap and offer a very good flexibility.

  • The shape of the mouse. It is good to carefully analyze the shape, depending on the activity you have on your computer. You can choose a mouse palm grip, claw grip or finger grip. The most ergonomic is the palm grip shape, which allows you to catch the accessory with the entire palm and act the buttons from a position as relaxed as possible. The clawgrip mouse gives you more precision, however, being very popular among gamers.

  • The sensitivity it offers. It is the speed with which the mouse responds to various requirements. Very high sensitivity can make the accessory quite difficult for beginners to use, but it can be extremely important for gamers or for those who work in areas where speed and precision are needed.

  • The buttons. In general, the mouse has two, three buttons. There are also variants with up to 19 buttons for gamers, which offer a very good flexibility in the game. It's good to focus on mice with programmable buttons, easy to press in one go.


Obviously, it also matters the size of the product, the manufacturer, the material from which it is made and some other criteria. What is certain, however, is that the main goal is to have a mouse that moves well, lasts a long time and feels good in the hand.

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